2020 has been quite the year.

As it winds down and many of us find ourselves entering a second lockdown, Postcards From Anywhere emerges as art project and side passion for old fashioned “analog” mail. Long enamoured with “boring” postcards and their charming absurdity, we approached several artists of different disciplines and challenged them to submit their own dull images, worthy of being made into postcards. A reflection of these times wherein the pandemic keeps us local and lets us discover beauty and charm in the most mundane things and also a time when the phrase “wish you were here” has never been so heavily weighted.

Do you miss getting mail? Do you love boring postcards? Do you like supporting the arts? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then our service is for you.

Starting January 2021, Postcards from Anywhere will mail you a high quality postcard of sublimely banal imagery from a different artist every month.

Want to subscribe?

Subscription rates are $40 Cdn for the year, $45 for non-Canadian residents. (That’s less than $4 a card including postage!)

Send us an email with the subject header “subscription” and your mailing address, or the address you’d like the postcards to be sent to (it’d make a great gift!) and we’ll get started.

Click on “CONTACT’ or send an email to postcardsfromanywhere@gmail.com


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