We answer some of your questions

Q: What is going on here? I did not sign up for this service and yet I am getting postcards.

A: Lucky you! Someone who likes you signed you up to get postcards for a year. It may have been indicated on the first month’s postcard who the generous person was, but if it wasn’t means the person in question is aiming to keep you in suspense and add a little mystery to your life.

Q: It’s passed January 2021 now– is it too late to sign up?

A: Absolutely not! Sign up anytime during the year and we’ll be more than happy to send a year’s worth of postcards to you or the recipient of your choice.

Q: This is great and you’ve inspired me to send more mail. Can I purchase blank postcards from you to send to people?

A: Yes! Etransfer or PayPal $10 Cdn to postcardsfromanywhere@gmail.com and we’ll happily send you an assortment of 4 postcards from the series (includes shipping!) We’re working on also having the entire series for sale eventually.

Q: $40 is a lot of money for a year of postcards. Do you have any sliding scale rates? What are you spending the money on?

A: We know, it’s a weird time for a lot of people financially, and also there are no shortage of good causes out in the world to be throwing any of your spare money to. Believe me, if we could, we’d be sending every interested person postcards free of charge. However, each participating artist got paid an honourarium that exceeds the subscription fee, and our patient, talented designer was also paid for her time laying out the cards and sadly Canada Post doesn’t give you a deal on postage when you buy in bulk. We don’t offer a sliding scale package right now, but if you’re really interested and short on funds, please send us an email and we’ll see what we can work out.

Q: I signed up and did not receive a postcard/received some but missed a month?

A: If you do not receive your postcards or experience an interruption in your subscription please let us know. The mail is not fool proof, neither is our ability to write down addresses correctly. We endeavour to do our best, but maybe we made a mistake, or maybe it was a postal mishap. Let us know and confirm your mailing address with us and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation!

We probably won’t update much, but who knows?

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